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Nature Altar Gatherings

Friday, September 15, 2023

6:30 -8 is pm - with Teri Williams 

$40 - Register below

supplies included


Held Pleasant Ridge, MI  - You will receive address at time of registration

If inclement weather, circle will be rescheduled to a later date


Anyone can create a nature altar!

Since the dawn of time people have created nature altars, mandalas, circle and intricate patterns to honor where they are in their lives. Nature itself is comprised of complex and yet simple geometric configurations.  Look around at the trees, flowers, plants, stars, snowflakes - even the human body!

Whether you have been working with objects in nature your whole life or are new to creating a connection to her, nature altar gatherings can provide a sacred ritual opportunity to renew or begin.
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Nature Altar Gatherings 


If you landed here, you are ready and in a beautiful space to begin connecting with nature and other beings on a new level. When we gather in community, with the intention to elevate our souls, we send a wave of love out that has the potential to elevate the souls of those in our circle, our communities, our world. 

Soul Practices Nature Altar Gatherings provide space to ignite your creativity and connection with nature through the practice of Nature Altar building, creating deeper cosmic and soul alignment.

Altars are sacred, flat surfaces, used for offering and honoring creation or the Divine.  Even before organized religions where prevalent most cultures had a space they used to honor LIFE, past, present and future.  Some of you may already have an altar or create them periodically.


For me, an altar, like a Mandala, is a physical gift to the world - of the sacred - for myself, my soul, the universe, the ancestors, creation itself as we are creation. What I add to my altar is representative of life, of death, of the now.

I have created elaborate altars and very small altars, with just a candle and crystal.  There is an altar of sorts in every room of my house. During the growing season I love to add the bounty from my yard-flowers, plants, rocks, bugs.

The one in my meditation and session room has feathers, my medicine bag or misha... crystals, candles, a few quotes, even a picture of me as a baby, reminding me to love that little girl always!

Nature Altars are similar to the Buddhist practice of creating Mandalas, representing the spiritual journey. Each one provides an opportinity to meditate or focus, connecting the soul, and symbolizes our own impremance here on Earth.

This is an outdoor gathering so dress accordingly.   You are welcome to bring your own items for your Nature Altar, however, I will have enough supplies for you to create one on site.  

​It is my hope that you will find joy and healing in your creation of the Nature Altar, with a deeper connection to your soul and the cosmos.


Click the "Buy Now" button below to register for the Nature Altar Gathering.  Once registered you will receive the address and any additional information!

The benefits of Nature Altars - The Circle of Life

  • Deeper sense of love for self and others

  • Expand your sense of creativity

  • Group support

  • Stress reduction

  • Meditative

  • Soul Connections

  • Increased Energy

  • Supports positive thinking

  • Reduces negative feelings around emotional trauma

  • Deeper connection to the natural rhythms around us

  • Grounds us in the present moment

  • Expands our awareness of an expansive universe

  • True Self Expression


These practices can ignite a deeper sense of wholeness and harmony within your own life that, by default, ripples out to your community - like the butterfly effect!

See you in the cirlce!

You will receive the location address and additional details once you have registered.

Payment is non-refundable

  This is a LIVE event held in Pleasant Ridge, MI

Register TODAY!  I look forward to creating with you!

For more information on events and sessions 
fill in your email below and join the tribe!
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