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Shamanic Journey Practice

The Shamanic Journey Practice 30- Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is a basic introduction to the shamanic journey providing instruction on what to journey about and how long to journey for.

Endorsed by Sandra Ingerman, this eBook (and the online program) were inspired by four questions repeatedly asked by clients, colleagues, friends and family.  Those questions are:

"What is a Shamanic Journey?

How do I do it?"

“What do I journey on or about?”

“How long do I journey for?”

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FREE Shamanic Journey Practice

A Shamanic Journey is an ancient practice of direct revelation for insight, healing and connectivity. In the most basic terms, it is a form of deep meditation or inner consultation, initiated by ceremony and energy clearing, where one uses their imagination or creative visualization to connect with your inner self, your soul self, and/or helping spirits, in what is often referred to as non-ordinary reality, the invisible or unseen world, or other realms. 

It is a common practice among many cultures regardless of geographic location and is a simple approach for direct access and spiritual information for personal empowerment, information, healing and guidance. It is YOUR GUIDANCE – not the guidance of someone else. I have been practicing the shamanic journey for as long as I can remember, before I had words to describe what I was actually doing!  

Is available immediately!


Begin the Shamanic Journey Practice Today! 

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