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The journey to
peace begins with YOU!

Online/In person Energy and Soul Sessions, Programs and Events

with Soul Advocate, Teri Williams

Meet Teri - Soul Advocate

Energy Healing Therapies, Shamanic Practices, Meditation, Drumming and Lover of the cosmos

Are you feeling: 

stuck, overwhelmed, lost, disconnected, alone?  

I've been there.  In fact, it's why I came to meditation, energy work and shamanic teachings so long ago.. These teachings have helped me remain clean and sober for 30 years. They have also helped me move through physical and emotional stressors with greater awareness and ease.  


Over the years I have walked down many paths, earning more certifications and taking more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list.  With particular interest in metaphysics/mysticism, energy work, and shamanic teachings, the souls journey, as well as the medicine woman, I have come to believe that we need to develop caring for our soul in new ways


I also came to believe that we are all supported by our own Cosmic Council, those from the other side, who are always with us, supporting our souls journey with love and compassion.  Impeccable Soul Care is of the utmost importance right now. This is what I advocate for - the caring of your soul!

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My entire life has included moments of deep connection with both seen and unseen forces, nature and the sky, maybe yours has, too and that's why you're here.  My mission is to help others learn to create or develop their own Soul Practices,  to uplift and support their lives.

Working with Teri over the years has been life changing for me.  She shared tools and insights that inspired me to make a deeper commitment to my own soul care, living more in tune with my true north! She is so gentle and compassionate.  What a joyful spirit!

- Allison, VT

Teri Williams is a warm and captivating meta-physician. Her accuracy was stunning and insightful which assisted me to release energetic blocks that no longer fit my life. Each session is empowering and life changing.  If you are searching to know, heal and release all that no longer serves your highest good,  meet with Teri and explore your possibilities.  

- Alexx, CO

Lucky for me Teri is right around the corner from me. From the minute I walked in her door I felt welcomed, seen and heard.  She took the time to listen to my story then worked with me to become a more empowered, free spirit.  I have never left her presence feeling anything less than loved.

- Tanya, MI

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Let’s journey together

What you focus on multiplies!  What are you focusing on?


The energy we put out is directly responsible for the energy we get back.  Stop settling for less than what you really deserve - a life filled with perfect health, grace, love, beauty, success and joy.  We are meant to have all of this and more! Let me help you by sharing the tools I have learned over the years.  These practices help me move through life  with more ease and less effort!

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