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Teri Williams - Modern Day Shamanic Mentor
Energy Practitioner, Host of 
The Art of Impeccable Soul Care on
 Teri Williams YouTube

Are you feeling stuck? 

Do you sense you need a change?

Is your energy lacking, physically and mentally?

Does your business need a spark?


If you answered yes to any these questions and are looking for fresh, practical guidance for your life/your soul or your business the shamanic path and energy work offers an individualized path for direct guidance and inspiration, a big "Welcome Home"!


Working as bridge between the seen and unseen worlds I provide a space of non-judgement and a sense of the sacred, whether we work together to heal your soul or grow your business.  I like to think of myself as an art teacher, teaching others how to creatively tune in and take care of their true self, their soul, expanding their potential for living life to the fullest - The Art of  Impeccable Soul Care!

Are you ready to take action?  Read more about Teri

What you focus on multiplies!  What are you focusing on?


The energy we put out is directly responsible for the energy we get back.  Stop settling for less than what you really deserve - a life filled with perfect health, grace, love, beauty, success and joy.  We are meant to have all of this and more! Let me help you by sharing with you the tools I've learned to move through life more easily and effortlessly.


Teri Williams is a warm and captivating meta-physician. Her accuracy was stunning and insightful which assisted me to release energetic blocks that no longer fit my life. Her demeanor is very professional yet caring, which fosters an immediate trust in her. Each session is empowering and life changing.  If you are searching to know, heal and release all that no longer serves your highest good,  meet with Teri and explore your possibilities.   

- Alexx, Denver

The Art of Impeccable Soul Care Podcast banner.png
Tune in to The Art of Impeccable Soul Care with Teri Williams on MindBodySpirit.FM Bridging ancient wisdom and modern teachings to raise your vibration and elevate your soul!

My new podcast is available every Wednesday morning  -  You can grab the download on demand at MindBodySpirit.FM or Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, and Spotify podcasts. 

For over 12 years I have been interviewing inspiring guests who share their work, their passion and their lives in order to help you elevate your soul and live an empowered life. In this podcast, that same great content will be heard, as well as valuable tools from me and my guests - practices that you can implement immediately - that's impeccable soul care!
BONUS:  Most podcasts from my previous shows on Empower Radio are available!  That's right, more than 400 chats will be available! You can listen to them all at at Teri Williams Podcast - The Art of Impeccable Soul Care on MindBodySpirit.FM
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