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Thank you for joining my 
Online Women's Year Gatherings

​Beautiful Souls, Thank you for joining me on this year long dive into deepening our connections to our souls and women through my Women's Online Journey Circle!  I am so honored and excited to share some of the journey's, rituals and practices that elevate my life, my soul! 

Your commitment to self-discovery and connection with like-hearted women is a testament to the power of sisterhood. In this sacred space I hope you feel welcomed, seen and heard. 

Online Journey Circle Welcome

We will begin our year long journey together on Monday, February 19, 2024

at 6:45 pm ET and meet the third Monday of every month from then on! 

Below are the tools that will accompany you on this profound path: your Journey Circle Journal, a sacred space for reflections,  and the 20-minute drumming MP3, for carrying your soul through the coming months. Be sure to book mark the page for future reference. 


As a bonus, I am excited to offer you my Your Lunar Cycle Workbook to collaborate deeper with the moon and 8 Tips for Impeccable Soul Care, daily practices that have supported my own soul's journey through life.

In a world often corrupted by competition and comparison, this circle stands as a sanctuary of safety, non-judgment, acceptance, and LOVE. Impeccable Soul Care, our guiding practice, calls us to live in tune with our soul's truth, fostering deeper connections with each other and with all life. 

Your Zoom link will be sent separately.  The sacred energy of this space began when you registered.  Please keep them as well as all of your gifts within our sacred circle, as they are crafted exclusively for you. 

Lastly, please enter your complete contact info below in the subscription area, ensuring your info is securely made part of our group database. I will never share your information without your explicit permission. 

Trust in this earth journey that binds us, connecting you deeper with your soul and the divine energy of feminine creation. Welcome to the circle where your soul comes home!

If you have not journeyed before, please watch the video below and visit for more journeys to get started with!

How to practice a journey

Click the link above to download your Journey Circle Journal.  Print it out and use it for recording your notes from the series and any additional journeys you may take along the way!

Journey Circle Journal front cover.png
Journey Circle Journal back cover.png
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Click the link above for your 20 minutes of Journey Drumming., including a call back at the end.   For a deeper experience you may want to use headphones or earbuds.  You can also find it on my YouTube page at

Click the link above to download your workbook and start collaborating with the moon NOW!

Journeying and meditation cropped.jpg

Keep in mind, there is NO right or wrong way to work with these practices.  It's your journey - all of life is!

The most important piece to all of it is your intention, set in love!

​It is my great honor to provide you with tools that may ease  your own suffering or empower you in some way.  To work with me privately, visit my Sessions page today!  See you in the circle!

​Deep bow! Love, Teri

Please fill out the details below for our Circle database.  We will NEVER share your information without your permission!
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