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Thank you for purchasing
Your Lunar Cycle Workbook

​Thank you for purchasing Your Lunar Cycle Workbook and for connecting with me.  Your digital downloads are below, including bonus New Moon and Full moon rituals and my "8 tips for Impeccable Soul Care" - the tools I use daily to support my souls journey through this life! 

Impeccable Soul Care is the #1 practice we can develop to live a life more in tune with our souls truth. It deepens our collaboration with the moon!

Trust that collaborating with the moon will have long-term positive influence in your life, that she is with you no matter what phase of your life you are in!  

Shamanic Journey Video

Click the link above to download your workbook and start collaborating with the moon NOW!

Below you will find your individual copy of the Daily Lunar Reflection/Journal page so you can continure on your

Lunar Cycle path, to continue collaborating with her!

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The Art of Impeccable Soul Care - Your soul is worth it!


Impeccable Soul Care is the #1 practice we can develop to live a life more in tune with our souls truth. 


By incorporating simple ideas or new habits we begin to immediately increase our overall sense of well being and better health. 

Over the years I have walked down many paths, taking more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list, with particular interest in metaphysics, energy work and shamanic teachings. These teachings, including collaborating with the moon, are my life's work and are the foundation for Impeccable Soul Care!

Keep in mind, there is NO right or wrong way to work with these practices.  It's your journey - all of life is!

The most important piece to all of it is your intention, set in love and honor of life. 

It is my great honor to provide you with tools that may ease  your own suffering or empower you in some way.  Incorporate the moon rituals into your practice every month or whenever you're inspired. For more information and to work with me, visit my Soul Care page today!

Deep bow! Love, Teri

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