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Thank you for purchasing the
Book of the Dead Journal Set

​Thank you for your purchase! I hope that it will be a meaningful tool for you to connect with your ancestors and loved ones who have passed away both recently, and in the distant past!

The Book of the Dead journal set can change the way you think and work with the dead. It allows you to honor the memory of your loved ones and keep them close to you. You can assign tasks to them, ask for guidance, or simply write down your favorite memories of them. This can help you feel more connected to them and gain insight into their lives.

Trust the work and that the unseen offers so much connection, collaboration and support!

Click the link above to download your Book of the Dead sample pages to start collaborating with the unseen NOW!

Below you will find a guided journey meditation for grounding in the experience of 

deepening your Book of the Dead Journal practice!


Remember that there is no right or wrong way to start a Book of the Dead journal.  There's also no set rule on how often or how long you need to be writing in your journal. I keep a journal with me all the time so when someone pops in my head I can write it down. 

A little tip:  When I don't have a journal or pen with me for some reason, I email myself a note with the person's name and any other insight or info that popped into my head.  AND.... I'll ask the ethers why they might have popped in!


The most important thing is to start writing and see where it takes you.

Listen to this Journey for connecting with the unseen beings before you begin your journaling!

Journey for connecting with unseen beings recorded for the Book of the Dead Journal


This is a guided journey meditation designed to help you connect more deeply with your ancestors and the unseen world – Our ancestors are not only our blood lines, they are made up of all the human, animal, nature and elemental beings we have ever been in contact with. They are waiting for the invitation to work with us, to collaborate with us.


Journeying and meditation cropped.jpg


The Art of Impeccable Soul Care - Your soul is worth it!

Impeccable Soul Care is the #1 practice we can develop to live a life more in tune with our souls truth. 


By incorporating simple ideas or new habits we begin to immediately increase our overall sense of well being and better health. 

Over the years I have walked down many paths, taking more seminars, workshops and classes than I can possibly begin to list, with particular interest in metaphysics, energy work and shamanic teachings. These teachings, including collaborating with the moon, the dead or unseen, the elements and all of the natural world, are my life's work and are the foundation for Impeccable Soul Care!

Keep in mind, there is NO right or wrong way to work with these practices.  It's your journey - all of life is!

The most important piece to all of it is your intention, set in love and honor of life. 

It is my great honor to provide you with tools that may ease  your own suffering or empower you in some way. 


For more information and to work with me, visit my Soul Care page today and visit my Resources page for books, podcasts, and podcasts for expanding your connections to the unseen realms! 

Tell me your stories - share your experiences!  And connect - the dead are waiting for you!

​Deep bow! Love, Teri

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